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one. Why do I need a special sport bra?
The amount of perspiration and the impact on the body during exercise is far higher than normal. Because of the starting point of the design, the general bra is far from providing the protection and comfort that should be exercised. This effect and the size and movement of the cup The impact is positively related.
The damage caused by this kind of influence has a variety of second-hand data on the Internet for reference. I have a profound understanding of the discomfort caused by this influence. Therefore, it is recommended that all mm with a certain exercise frequency can be selected to suit their own sport bra.
two. Two major individual factors that influence the choice of sports bra.
1. Cup size.
A, B cup mm relatively happy, the vast majority of sports bra can provide you with adequate protection in various types of sports. The C+ mm requires a more supportive product. (Unfortunately, such products are rare in the market of the motherland, which is almost zero).
2. The intensity of the movement.
The intensity of different sports is different, that is, the impact on the body, vibration, injury and other effects are different. The higher the degree of intensity, the more rigid the required bra should be. Here are some of the common movements according to the intensity of the classification of low-medium high (the classification should be subject to individual differences and changes).
Low: Trekking, Yoga, Pilates, Rock Climbing (this should be controversial, but I didn't have a deeper experience), road riding.
Middle: skiing, golf, ice skating, spinning, brisk walking, tennis badminton, table tennis, etc. (should be considered medium high)
High: Running (both long-distance running and sprinting jogging are high-impact sports!), riding, foot basket row, mountain riding (mainly refers to downhill or complex pit roads), aerobics (general fitness club That kind of thing, as for the country's No. x set of broadcast gymnastics.
In addition, age, shape of the breast (whether it is sagging or spreading), or the degree of relaxation of the muscle skin are also factors to be considered.
Therefore, a qualified sports bra should at least specify the applicable cup and exercise intensity type on the product description. At present, no domestic producers have done any relevant work.
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